AI powered 🚀 security testing for smart contracts

Naryauses proprietary ML-Fuzzing technology to fully review your code at every pull request (like an AI hacker bot 🤖!)

No more code freezes.Deploy and update your Web3 projects with confidence 🕶️.

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Introducing Narya’s ML-Fuzzing Engine

An intelligent fuzzing engine that runs agent-based simulations, exploring millions of code paths, learning the structure and logic of the code through trials and feedback, and tirelessly finding vulnerabilities in your smart contracts before they are exploited.


past hacks & privately found vulnerabilities successfully backtested


of pre-audit projects found bugs in the first 10 tests; 60% found critical bugs using Narya


of post-audit projects still found bugs using Narya.
1/3 were critical

Trusted by amazing builders

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"We’re grateful to be one of the Narya pilot partners. Their continuous and scripted contract testing services have helped us deploy contracts faster and with confidence. Their team is knowledgeable, helpful, and up-to-date with zero-day vulnerabilities."

Co-founder & CTO of DeZy

"Narya has a really talented team, I enjoyed working with them. Their fuzzing found several tricky issues, and I look forward to integrating them more into my workflow."

Co-founder & CEO of Sudorandom Labs
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"Impressive CI/CD testing tool for smart contracts! Narya team has been a pleasure to work with, they played an instrumental part in getting our open-source EIP5827 implementation up and running."

Zac Ler
Zac Ler
Co-founder & CTO of Suberra


How it works

Protect your code basein 3 easy steps

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Have you fuzzed?

Our engine is designed to be comprehensive andoutperform manual code review

Proven effectiveness

Fuzzing is already the most productive bug-finding tool for tech giants like Google and Microsoft.


Machine learning empowered

We improved fuzzing with machine learning techniques and customized it for EVM smart contracts.


Reliable protection

Our full coverage tests setup is designed to protect 100% of your key logic and functions. Its ability to find critical bugs outperforms manual code reviews.


Update without fear

Our re-usable tests cover most minor code updates already, while major updates can be covered in a modular way that significantly save you time and money.


Bugs shall not pass

We monitor the newest exploits and always make sure your smart contracts are safe against the latest threats.


Don’t let others screw you

We also track changes in your external dependencies’ smart contracts, so that you are not exposed to potential exploits related to 3rd party code updates.

Built for fast-moving 🦄WEB3 DEVELOPERS

who want long-term security, not rubber stamps

If you add new functions or new modules multiple times a year, Narya is perfect for you 🔥.

QuestionWho else is Narya a perfect fit for?

If you are looking for a second check to strengthen your security and make sure your auditors didn't miss anything.

If you want to leverage the best smart contract fuzzing engine to write customized property and invariant tests.

Special 24 hour service for NFT projects!

For NFT projects (ERC721/ERC1155) that have no more than 500 lines of code, we offer a fast-track test setup service to get you fully covered in 24 hours!

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